2019 Upgrade

Information about the 2019 upgrade will be posted here.


Upgrade FAQs

Any useful questions we get regularly from clients will be posted here:


If previous data is going to be removed at the end of Jan, does that mean the reviews on Review Solicitors will also be removed?

No - any reviews that have been passed to Review Solicitors are unaffected by the upgrade

Can I still access the old system?

Yes - until the end of January you can still access the old system - the login is here

How do I change the staff list (or other attributes)

The primary lists are Staff, Practice Area and Offices - they can all be edited online

  • login
  • select the cog icon (top right)
  • click the ATTRIBUTES tab
  • the rest is obvious....

The Dashboard is missing Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

Calculating NPS is easy enough but creating a trend line that reflects the particular filter that has been selected by you is more complex and has to be done in real-time. This is work we haven't finished yet. We will add NPS to the Dashboard during Q2 of 2019.

Can historical data be loaded into the new product?

Yes - We can load history data into the new system at any time.....but you need to make sure that you have downloaded all your historical data from the old system before the end of January (since access to the old system is only guaranteed until then). There is a charge of £500 for converting the historical data from the old system into the format acceptable to the new system. The process includes a significant amount of cleaning since the old system used free-text fields for "Fee Earner" and "Office" rather than dropdowns.