Prices from £150/month.

  • All prices quoted exclude VAT at 20%
  • All prices are for a 12 month commitment
  • You can upgrade your package at any point and we’ll just change your monthly charge
  • You can pay online by credit card for your ‘Complete’ or ‘Complete Plus’ package in 12 monthly instalments or by annual invoice at the start of your agreement
  • Bespoke packages are invoiced on an annual basis at the start of your agreement
  • Your subscription will be renewed automatically on the anniversary of your initial purchase
  • You will be reminded of your renewal one month before it is due
  • If you wish to terminate your subscription when your renewal is due, just send us a letter giving us one month’s notice
  • Your data is completely confidential to you and we will not make it available to anyone else
  • Your data will be aggregated and used in an anonymised form for comparison purposes (performance benchmarks)
  • The service is available 24/7, 365 days a year except for short periods when the system may be unavailable for maintenance purposes (we will give you notice of any intended maintenance down-time)

Full terms & conditions are available here.