How much does it cost to join Law League?

The prices start at just £2,000 per annum (a monthly payment option is available) and depend on the number of fee earners in your firm not on the amount of surveys you send out. This is to encourage you to survey all of your clients and all of your staff at regular intervals to gain the best picture of satisfaction regarding your firm. For precise details of products and pricing, please see our Products.

Why can’t I find any of your survey questions on your site or demo?

We’ve tested and tweaked around 150 questions to make sure that you’re given access to the best ones on the market. If we put them on the site or in our demo, you wouldn’t need to talk to us! But over 100 UK law firms are using our questions so we hope you will too.

Can I ask a question that is not on your master list?

Due to benchmarking, if your question would be useful for others to ask their clients or staff, then we will add it to the master list free of charge.

How many surveys can I send out during the 12 month commitment?

As many as you like. The more surveys that are completed, the more rounded your results.

Can you help me with our email invitation so I get the best chance of response?

Absolutely. Whether you want to survey your clients or your staff we can explain what works best and can even provide you with a template.

Can I put the web link to our survey(s) on our firm’s website?

Yes and we encourage you to do so. It’s easy to put a link on behind a graphic (which could be our Law League logo if you’d like to market the independent nature of your survey).

How do clients or staff complete a survey?

A client or staff member can complete your survey online by clicking on a unique web link which we will supply you with. Our surveys are also mobile compatible too so that smartphone users can complete surveys on the move too.

Can I send out my survey on paper?

Yes and when it is returned you can key the results in to your Law League area so that all results are consolidated in one place. This gives you a rounded picture and helps when it comes to showing Lexcel, CQS and WIQS inspectors that you are monitoring client feedback or if your COLP has to provide evidenced outcomes for OFR compliance.

Can other law firms who are members of Law League view my survey results if our results are all benchmarked?

No, only you can see your individual results.  The benchmark results are the average of all law firms’ results.

Which law firms are using Law League?

Over 70 UK based law firms use Law League. Click here to see some of our Members.

What happens if the SRA change their focus on particular areas of OFR compliance?

We fully expect them to, year on year. Which is why our OFR expert Vicky Simpson is on hand to anticipate changes and alter any questions accordingly.

Is my data safe and compatible with SRA guidelines?

Yes – all data is held in a UK based database, backed up automatically twice a day to 3 different UK sites. Servers are on standby in two different UK locations in case of disaster to our primary site. No data leaves the UK let alone the EU.

Who can access my data?

Only a designated few in your firm can access your data. We will issue you with a username (normally your email address) and password which enable you and your chosen colleagues to analyse and report on your data. It is your responsibility to let us know to delete the accounts of staff who are no longer with your firm.

How many of my staff get access to the reporting?

Up to three named individuals can be issued with a secure username and password, enabling them to run reports on your data. Extra usernames and passwords can be purchased for £1,000 for a pack of five. However, do remember that anyone you choose can view the reports in their final form as they can be inserted into documents or exported as pdf files.

What if I want some reporting that does not seem to be available?

Call and tell us what you need. If it is something that would be useful to others, we will develop it free of charge. If it is something specific to you, we will quote you a price to provide it.

If you can’t find an answer to your query call us on 0117 325 0200 to purchase or email us now