Diversity Data

Law League conferred with the SRA and offered firms a quick, cost effective survey tool for the 2019 data exercise.

Firms regulated by the SRA were required to collect, report and publish workforce data about the diversity make-up of their workforce.

Participants’ data had to be data protected, guaranteed anonymity and held within the EU only in order to be compliant. For the latter reason other online survey tools, such as Survey Monkey, were deemed not be compliant.

  • Survey questions modelled on LSB questionnaire
  • Quick and easy for participants to take part in
  • Guaranteed participant anonymity
  • Meets compliance guidelines
  • Results shown as easy to view graphics for publication
  • Results formatted for easy inputting into the SRA site
  • Free Help Desk support
  • Free real time reporting
  • Be up and running in less than 4 hours